How To Apply For A Wonga Loans


How to apply for a Wonga short term loan

We’ve worked hard to make our application process quick and easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to our site using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC.
  2. Create your account to log on to
  3. Specify your desired amount of Rand (maximum of R4000 for new customers).
  4. Specify your desired amount of time (maximum of 3 months).
  5. Complete your application via our secure form.
  6. You provide your most recent payslip / bank statement (not older than 60 days) as proof of income.
  7. If successful, your cash is sent to your bank account, typically within 15 minutes.
  8. You pay back the loan within the agreed timeframe, early repayment is allowed and actively encouraged so you save money.

Conditions of the Wonga term loan product

  • Our short term loans are exactly that – designed for short term usage, paying back your loan sooner will result in you saving money. We do not suggest using our loans to manage existing debt.
  • If your loan is repaid later than the agreed conditions of your application this will incur extra costs and a potentially have a negative impact on your credit score. If you find yourself relying on multiple Wonga loans regularly, short term finance loans may not be right for you.
  • To qualify for a Wonga loan you must be a South African resident with a bank account in your name, you must also be over the age of eighteen and have access to a mobile phone. Proof of income is also required.

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