How To Set Up Telkom webmail


Telkom is the largest telecommunication service provider in the region. The company supports individual, SME, and corporate clients with internet, voice, message, and mail services. Telkom mail services have drawn exceeding attention in the recent past with affected users escalating their outcries on leading social media platforms. We have analyzed and presented helpful Telkom webmail settings to help you get over common mail problems.

How do I set up a Telkom email account?

Both new and existing users can configure their emails with the help of the Telkom support team. Existing users should be able to provide their Telkom webmail logins when required by the system. It is advisable to change Telkom email password frequently to keep your mailbox account secure.

Telkom South Africa is one of the most vibrant wireline and wireless telecommunication companies in South Africa. This giant firm is semi-privatized and prides for its competitive services and overwhelming presence in more than 38 states across Africa.

All broadband or Telkom Internet customers qualify for a free email account. The mailbox size, however, varies depending on the chosen plan. Individuals and businesses experiencing mail issues should use provided Telkom webmail settings for ease of sending and receiving of emails. Always feel free to contact the company on their customer service number or various customer care social media platforms for instant help on Telkom email support.

How do I use and configure my Telkom email? Telkom email settings are easy and always handy in resolving most of your mailbox issues. It is advisable to use port 25 as a default for all outgoing servers in situations where the port is not specified.

Common outgoing servers for sending emails For Telkom: ADSL: or or Mobile (LTE): Mobile (8TA): or or Analogue Dial-Up:, or


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