Majuba TVET College Online Application


Unlike most institutions, Majuba FET College has set up an online platform that allows a prospectus student to apply for the programs that the institution has. One can go through the application with ease. The process is, however, supposed to be initiated by creating the Majuba College student portal. You might want to know why this step is necessary.

The Majuba College student portal is a system that the institution devised to help in ensuring that it can synchronise all the data regarding its student. The student portal has also made other areas like the application process easy to go about. Not only has it facilitated a more straight-forward method of application but also a less strenuous technique. Regardless of whether you are a student at the institution or would like to join Majuba College, creating the student portal account is necessary.

To create a student portal account, one will be required to provide details of their South African national identification. For students from other countries, they will be required to provide their passport number in this field.

Upon filling in correct details of your identification documents, one will be required to enter the password twice to confirm it and click on continue. The portal will also provide a dialogue box for you to fill in your personal details after which it will require to save them.


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