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1. Introduction

  • These conditions will govern the relation between the Department of Labour and the uFiler for the uFiling Services as rendered by the Department of Labour on the site.
  • The uFiler understands that by submitting their application to subscribe to the uFiling Services that they have familiarised themselves with the contents in the Conditions of Use, and that the uFiler intends to be bound by the contents.
  • This Agreement will commence when the Department of Labour accepts the uFiler’s request to subscribe to uFiling services, which acceptance will manifest at that point in time when the Department of Labour sends the uFiler an activation confirmation (the “commencement date”).

2. Definitions

  • “User” means all persons who access, view, download from, or use the Department of Labour site whether on the Internet or a copy thereof, and “users” includes uFilers;
  • “the Department of Labour site” means the website through which the Department of Labour provides uFiling services;
  • “uFiler” means a subscriber to the uFiling services;
  • “uFiling services” means the electronic filing of Documents as approved by the Department of Labour;
  • “the Department of Labour” means the Department of Labour;
  • “documents” means such documents or records authorised by the Department of Labour, from time to time, which could be e-Filed;
  • “submit” or “submission” means the action whereby the uFiler indicates to the Department of Labour that they want to file documents with the Department of Labour;
  • “writing” shall include e-mails, fax or registered post;

3. Application

  • These Conditions of Use shall apply to all Users and becomes binding between the Department of Labour and a user immediately upon the user accessing, viewing or using the website or its contents.

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