Thekwini TVET College Application


Acquiring practical skills in this technologically driven society is a necessity, which is why learning from an institution like Thekwini College can never be a mistake. The citadel of knowledge is one of the TVET colleges in KZN and also prides itself as one of the pioneering colleges which piloted learnership in KZN. So, if you are considering processing admission into this college, all you need to know are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Thekwini college application requirements

Before you can be considered for admission into any of the faculties of the citadel of knowledge, depending on the course that you want to study, the basic requirements include:

  • A national certificate or senior certificate.
  • An appropriate National Certificate N3, and if you have an equivalent qualification, it will also be considered.

Thekwini college application process

Before you can be admitted into any of the campuses of Thekwini college, the steps that you need to follow are explained below:

Step 1 – Find out if your campus of choice offers the course that you want to study or not before you start filling the form.

Step 2 – Visit the campus that you are applying to, and from there, you can obtain the application form.

Step 3 – After filling the form, attach all the necessary documents and return the application form to the campus where you intend to study.


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