What Is Stats SA?


Statistics South Africa is the national statistical service of South Africa, with the goal of producing timely, accurate, and official statistics in order to advance economic growth, development, and democracy.

What is the vision and mission of Stats SA?

To lead and partner in statistical systems and products for evidence-based decisions. To increase the supply and use of official and other quality Statistics for Transparency, Accountability, Results-based management and Transformation (START) through coordination, integration and innovation.

When was the last census done in South Africa?

The last time a census was conducted was in 2001. South Africa conducted its first democratic census in 1996. This year’s census will be the third census that counts the entire South African population.

How often is census done in South Africa?

census is usually held every five years. However, because of limited resources at the Department of Statistics South Africa (SSA), the interval period was extended to 10 years. The post-Apartheid Government held its first population census in 1996.


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